Sunday, 22 October 2017

Top 10+1 Outwear Sewing Patterns to sew this Fall

          Chilly days, rain, sofa and hot coffee! Fall is definitely here! Every new season it feels like I need to sew all these beautiful sewing patterns! I really do! There are many great patterns to sew to keep you warm this season. Shall we start!? Grab a cup of coffee or tea and lets see my top 10+1 sewing patterns to sew this Fall.

1. Aava Tailored Blazer by Name Clothing


            Blazers are a big thing this season. I did my research to find the perfect tailored blazer sewing pattern and instantly I feel in love with the Aava blazer by Named Clothing. The features I love are the narrow shoulders, the slim fit and the tailored look. Not to mention that it is lined! This adds extra cosiness!

2. Morris blazer by Grainline Studio


             The Morris blazer by Grainline Studio is on my wish list for at least a year or so. Beautiful cut, quick make and I love the fact that it looks smart. Add a big scarf and you are ready to go!

           This jacket is that rock element that your closet needs. It jazzes up any look. Its cropped length looks amazing over not only dresses but also jeans or sportswear. I sew one for my self earlier this year and needless to say that I really enjoyed wearing it. Get inspired by learning more about my version here.

4. Coco jacket by Sew Over It (SOI)

            What to say about this one? Its clean lines and the cropped length makes it super cute. The lining adds cosiness while the neckline is really flattering. I only wish that it had been released as a pattern back in April when I needed a jacket like this but I ended up buying a very - very similar jacket to Coco jacket. The version I like the most is the plain one - the one without the braiding.

5. Waver Jacket by Papercut Patterns

           This kind of jacket that was very popular last year but I think it is still goes strong.  I prefer the shorter version or a version in between the two lengths that the jacket comes with. Adding a cosy underlining would be the perfect idea in order to keep you warm. A very popular alternative to this jacket is the Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns which has a very similar design.

6. McCall's Jacket 7549

           Another beautiful cropped length jacket. When I look at this pattern only fresh, feminine, chic and modern come to my mind! The quilted version is divine! Have you seen the leather version of this jacket made by Allie? Check it here. I adored her jacket!

7. Maisa Denim Jacket by Named Clothing
             We all have all pair of jeans. What a better idea than turning those jeans into a modern jacket. Maisa denim jacket is all about refashion. This is what I like the most! Making a garment without spend a cent and at the same time acting with the environment in mind.

8. Luzerne Trench Coat by Deer and Doe



            Although I have never used any Deer and Doe sewing pattern, I cannot deny how beautiful their designs are. I love their new collection. The pattern that I chose for my list is from their previous collection and it is actually the Luzerne Trench Coat. It is a "never out of style" outwear piece so this is the main reason I picked it. Consider using a non-common colour choice such as fun solids or beautiful floral!

9. Lola Coat by Sew Over It (SOI)

             That was the first Coat I ever made! The front waterfall layers of the coat keep you warm and cosy. This coat is without lining but I did line it to make it cosier. It is easy to style as it goes with everything. As it is a loose fitting coat, you could totally add a belt just to define your waist. Choose a beautiful wool fabric and you will not regret it! Learn more about my Lola coat and how I lined it, here.

10. Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns
            The gorgeousness in one sewing pattern! Its cocoon shape, the delicate sleeves and pockets are simply ahhhmazing! I like how it looks over jeans. Choose a solid fabric for a sophisticated look.

11. Blackwood Cardigan by Helen's Closet
             Last but not least is the Blackwood cardigan. This is the kind of cardigan that comes into my mind when I'm thinking of Autumn. I prefer the long version of this cardi and I think it would look adorable over sheath- shift dresses! I have imagined my version over Inari dress by Names Clothing, ankle boots, the hair up into a bun and holding a cup of a warm coffee! This is how Autumn should look like! Choose a warm cosy fabric to keep you warm.

           So that's it guys!! I hope you enjoyed my top 10+1 outwear sewing patterns list for this Fall and got inspired like I did!

Until next time,

happy sewing!!


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Miette skirt by Tilly & the Buttons

Hello everyone!

           It is already October! The weather is getting slightly cooler so I have started thinking about my Autumn sewing! I'm SO excited for my upcoming Fall wardrobe projects! I have a lot of plans which I hope to accomplish during the next months.

         Today I would like to share my Miette skirt by Tilly and the buttons (T&TB) . This piece, I think, is the perfect transitional piece! It is a wrap - back flared skirt with a waistband that ties around the waist to a beautiful bow tie at the front. Also, it has optional patch pockets.


          The pattern requires 2 meters of 1,5 meter width of a medium weight fabric for the size that I made. I chose a medium weight denim fabric from and I love it! This denim is so beautiful and some of its details remind me of a wool fabric. I bought it from for 6 euros per meter. The actual price of the fabric was 7 euros. The fabric had a white line running across my piece so the seller reduce the price of it just a little for that reason.



          I was between sizes so I decided to go for the smaller one. As far as I know, Tilly's patterns have quite a lot of ease so it was an easy choise. Also, the skirt doesn't have any zipper or buttons; it is a wrap around skirt so I thought that this size could be perfect! I made size 3, with the patch pockets.

Hug with my cutie!

           Miette skirt is the perfect pattern for beginners. Like I said, there are no zippers or any fastening for you to install. There are only long lines, the waistband ties and last but not least, you have to make a little opening at the waistband to run through the ties.

           If you decide to make the version with the pockets, you have to pay attention when you sew the front pieces together. The bottom of the pockets has to be layered exactly on each other in order to match. I had to redo this part because I rushed it the first time.

Patch pocket close up at the left front

            One thing to keep in mind is that when you have sewn the waistband ties, pull the right side out gently. I may pulled mine a bit harsh and as a result I ripped off a few stitches which I hand stitched later.

Back view of the skirt

          I hem the skirt by turning the hem 2cm twice.The length of the skirt is still quite long (just bellow the knee) but I love it. I think it looks elegant.

Shoes: Marina sandals from Swedish Hasbeens


         I looove my Miette skirt! It has a beautiful shape and I like the cute bow tie at the front. Choosing a medium weigtht denim fabric for this projects makes the skirt wearable all year round. I would also love make one in a polka dot denim fabric which could be adorable for Spring!


Sewing pattern: Miette skirt by Tilly and the buttons
Size: 3
Fabric: 2m of a medium weight denim fabric for 6 euros per meter from
Notions: None.
Alterations: I hem the skirt by turning the hem 2cm twice instead og 1,5cm the pattern recommends
Total cost: ~12 euros (plus the cost of the pattern which was ~11 euros - I bought the printed version on the sales)
Make another one: Yes! I would love to make another one in polka dot denim fro Spring!

Until next time,

Happy sewing!!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Little summer dress (Silvia dress by Salme Patterns)

Hello everyone!

             I made the beautiful Silvia dress by Salme patterns! I bought the pattern back in April when I was searching for the perfect dress to wear on my son's baptism day. I couldn't decide between the Betty dress by SOI or the Silvia dress. The plan was that when the two dresses were finished I would then choose which one I was going to wear on this special day! The thing is that I sew first the Betty dress which I loved it as soon as I finished it and as a result I didn't make the Silvia dress until now. You can read more about me Betty dress by SOI here.

             Silvia dress is a pdf only sewing pattern by Salme. It has a fitted bodice with princess seams, thin shoulder straps, a waistband and a pegged skirt. The bodice has facings and it is fully lined. The dress fastening is an invisible zipper on the left side.


            The pattern requires only 1 meter of fabric and 0.30cm of a lining fabric. I used a gingham fabric with navy and white as my main fabric. I bought it for 6 euros per meter from . Also, I chose to line the entire dress as I prefer to do most of the times. So I bought a viscose lining fabric in off white colour from my local haberdashery for 4 euros per meter. Finally, I used 40cm invisible zipper in navy that I already had in my stash.


              The thing I would like to mention first is that the pattern comes without seam allowances (s.a.). - dramatic music - Ha ha! The pattern pieces are small so it isn't that hard to add the s.a. Still, I would prefer if the s.a. was already included on the pattern pieces. Moreover, I had to make the waistband piece and the straps by myself as they only give you the measurements to DIY them. The thing is that as a result the waistband doesn't have any notches. Notches would be really helpful in order to align the princess seams of the bodice with the pleats of the skirt correctly. Like I said, it isn't necessary but it could be handy.

               Guys, really..if one day I will design and will release any sewing pattern I will include seam allowances! That is a promise! I cannot understand why any company do not include s.a in their patterns. If anyone know which is the purpose of this, please enlighten me!

            I made size 10 for the bust and I graded to size 12 for my waist and my hips. The pattern requires to cut facings for the bodice out of the main fabric and line the rest of the bodice. However, I decided to avoid making facings and instead I lined the entire dress. I understand why facings are important. They stabilise the neckline better and you can also avoid exposing any lining.

              I made the lining pieces by using the skirt and waistband pieces. I sew the dress in a way that the wrong sides of the main fabric and the lining are facing each other.

                The finished dress, ended up with a quite roomy bodice at the bust area. So, I took 1,5cm from each side under the armholes, decreasing the excess amount of fabric gradually just before the waistband. As a result the fitting got better but still does not look as good as I would liked to.

              I tried to pattern mach every single piece except the waistband which I cut it on the bias. After removing the excess fabric from the sides, I ruined the whole pattern maching thing. Finally, I hem the dress by turning the hem 1cm twice.


            I like the dress but I am not loving it. The lack of the facings may cause the ill fitting across the bust area. I do love the pattern even if I should make a few changes in a future Silvia dress. Next time, I will include the facings and I will remove the excess 1,5cm from the sides before cutting my precious fabric. As far as the fabric choice is concern I will probably choose a solid or a floral fabric.

           Overall, I have to say that I enjoy wearing it even though it isn't my best make. I really love that gingham fabric! Can you believe it? This was the first time for me, making something in gingham! I see more gingham garments to come!


Sewing pattern: Silvia dress by Salme Patterns
Size: 10 for the bust area graded to size 12 for the waist and the hips
Fabric: light to medium weight cotton fabric in gingham, purchased it from for 6 euros per meter. The lining fabric was purchased from my local haberdashery for 4 euros per meter
Notions: 40cm invisible zipper (from my stash)
Alterations: I removed 1.5cm from each side at the bodice gradually from the bust until just before the waistband
Total cost: ~10 euros (plus the cost of the pattern which is 6,69 euros)
Make another one: I would like to make one in a solid colour or in floral

Until next time,

Happy sewing!!



Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My first jumpsuit - New Look 6493

Hello, everyone!

             Last month I took advantage of the sales that sewessential had so I bought a few sewing patterns that I had my eye on for ages! Some of them are new releases while a few of them are older. I still want to buy more but I try to be nice and restrain myself.

            As soon as I received my parcel from sewessential, I wanted to make the New Look 6493 (NL6493)! This was the first time for me that I used NL's sewing pattern.

           The NL6493 is a jumpsuit and a dress pattern along with a sports brallet pattern. Specifically, view A is the sports brallet, view B is a maxi dress, view C is a mini dress, view D is a culottes jumpsuit and view E is a short jumpsuit. The bodice has princess seams at the front and it is faux wrapped both at the front and at the back. There is also an option for you to make a belt (to tie around the elasticated waistband) for all of the dress/jumpsuit versions.

           I made view D, the culottes jumpsuit.


             I choose this lovely floral viscose fabric which I bought from a fabric shop in Athens. I was on a search for a beautiful fabric to send to Alison, along with the one that she kindly requested for. In case you don't know Alison, you should check her Instagram feed! She makes adorable things and is so inspirational! I had bought 2,5m of the fabric having this exact sewing pattern in my mind. I bet that I will have leftover fabric from this project in order to make a cami but trust me there isn't any fabric left. With Indie patterns I usually feel like I have a lot of leftover fabric! Do you feel the same?


            As a newbie with NL pattern, I didn't know several things about them, that I will share with you later in this blogpost. Firstly, I chose my size according to the measurements on the envelope of the pattern. That way, when I was tracing the pants I realised that the pants pattern piece had written the finished measurements of the pattern on them! *dramatic music* The size that I had chosen would turn out HUGE on me. I immediately stopped tracing the pattern pieces, I took a few deep breaths and after a while, I started tracing this time the correct size. I chose size 10 for the Bust and size 12 for the Waist and the Hips. I think that is way more convenient to have the measurements outside the envelope. Or maybe I'm just used this way. Also, the finished measurements of the Bust were nowhere to be found.

            I would also like to mention that a few pattern pieces, like the tie belt and the straps, have 1cm seam allowances. When I traced these pieces, I didn't trace that detail so I had to check the pattern pieces again before I started. Totally my fault. The good thing is that in the instruction it is written where you should use 1cm seam allowances. Did I mention that the instructions were VERY CLEAR? I didn't have any issue during the construction of the garment.

          I really liked the construction of the pocket. I found it clever and I enjoyed that it is made out of one piece instead of two like most pockets.

         I did a few alterations though. I found the finished length of the jumpsuit quite long for my height (1,69m) so I removed 5,5cm from the hem. Then I found it quite short - hahaha - and as a result, I hem the jumpsuit by turning the hem 1 cm twice (2cm in total) and stitched it. Finally, I realized that the cleavage was revealing for my taste so I secured the front and the back bodice pieces by stitching them down.


          I'm soo in love with my new jumpsuit! I love how it fits. It is a really adorable pattern, easy to follow instructions and easy to make. I enjoy wearing it and try to do so as often as I can.  


The only thing I would like to mention is that even though I secured the front and back pieces together separately the cleavage area is still quite revealing. So if you are not fond of low front bodices, you may have to wear the jumpsuit with a brallet or a little top underneath (that is why the pattern comes with a brallet!).

              It was such a beautiful, bright and shinny the day that we took the photos! We went to the park (my husband, our baby boy and me) and we had a lot of fun! It is funny that my husband tries to help me to take some spontaneous pictures!


Sewing pattern: New Look 6493
Size:10 (BUST) graded at size 12 (WAIST & HIPS)
Fabric: 2,5m of this floral fabric bought from a store in Athens, Greece
Notions: ~0.80cm of 1cm wide elastic
Alterations: I removed 5,5cm from the hem. I stitched down front and back bodice pieces separately
Total cost: ~19 euros (plus the cost of the pattern which was ~5.5 euros - on the sales)
Make another one: Yes! I would love to make a short version!

Until next time,

Happy sewing!!